Sweden is deep woods, open fields and clean water. For 40 years Sweden has also been the home of Zetterströms Stainless.

We design and manufacture pressure vessels, heat exchangers and process equipment for the pharmaceutical, processing and food industries. We are much more than just a manufacturing company – Zetterströms is the technology company that provides complete solutions. Our engineers manage projects in close cooperation with the customer. Anything to improve and refine customer requirements. We have a high level of technical competence, consistently high quality, and we love what we do. Zetterströms offers full traceability of all materials in our production. A final product from us is of the highest quality. Our documentation is considered by many to be the best on the market, that is no coincidence. Over the years, we have actively worked to become certified against several world standards. Something we are proud of and strictly comply with.

Our customers are happy customers, that is the most important thing for Zetterströms. Because we do not just offer a product, we invite our customers to become part of our craft. A craft, which is made with extreme finesse and highest possible quality. From concept to finished solution. A craft in which every part is as important as the finished result. And even though we are working with the toughest materials, it is our passion for what we do that shapes the final product. Where you find our brand, you find top quality, you find Zetterströms Stainless.

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